I was born in Toronto, and raised out west where my dad was a chef and restauranteur. I guess that’s where my passion for delighting people with culinary creations and providing a great guest experience with over the top service came from. This was taught to me at a very young age and has stayed with me for all these years.

Despite not being sure if wanted to follow in my father’s footsteps, I went to French Culinary / Hospitality school where I was fortunate enough to be brought to Europe for some amazing work experience, and those memories will stay with me forever.

When I returned back to the west coast from Europe, I continued to work for my father at the family business that he started in 1984. Along with a motto of hard work that I inherited from my father from day one, the idea of ensuring that our guests were completely delighted was instilled in me as well — that was my father’s rule of utmost importance to follow. So, I learned the value of providing a great culinary experience to guests early on, and it remains the back-bone of my outlook on hospitality today.

From Executive Chef to Mortgage Agent, whether I’m cooking for family & friends, volunteering to raise funds for charity, or participating in a cook-off for an underserved community, my foundation continues to be a passion to serve my clients and provide the best possible experience I can.

In 2009, I returned back to my roots in the GTA and brought my culinary passions to the education system. Over the next decade, I worked as the executive chef at two local colleges. I loved the opportunity to share my hospitality experience with the students, regaling some great stories of how hard the hospitality business is if you don’t provide a great experience for the guest.

So, you might be wondering how I went

from cooking to selling mortgages?

I always had a passion for finance and real estate. Working as an Executive Chef afforded me the opportunity to study at the college where I worked at and expand my passions. Graduating with a 4.0, I was now ready to become a Certified Mortgage Agent and live out both passions of culinary, as well as starting the next chapter of providing mortgages to friends, family and any referrals that came along the way.

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I believe an excellent customer experience

is the foundation for a successful business.

Almost immediately, because I was willing to work hard just like my father had taught me at a young age, I had the ability to slice and dice rates for my clients, and I quickly learned how to write recipes for the right mortgage as well. I also found many other similarities between my two careers, but the more important similarity was my desire to offer my expertise and superior customer service to my clients, and this continues to be my foundation.

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit. I am ready in My Mortgage Kitchen when you need me. Whether it’s the start of the process with your pre-approval, or if you need a little bit of coaching when you are ready to make that offer to your realtor, I’m here for you, just reach out and say help.