When shopping for a mortgage, the first thing people think of is “what’s your best rate.” it’s a given that rate is important but the lenders set the rates not me. As a mortgage chef I truly enjoy slicing and dicing the rates with the lenders but remember I work for you when it comes to rate. Rate is the easy part. However it’s not the only factor that determines how much the loan will cost you.

Sometimes mortgages with lower rates have more restrictions on how quickly you can pay it off or how much you can pay it down over time, as well as penalties for breaking the contract early. You need to look at more than the rate, you need to be aware of all of the conditions of the mortgage. Thats what I do for and with you.

Reviewing a mortgage is like a recipe in the kitchen. A recipe has many parts and too much of one thing or not enough another will completely effect the outcome. A mortgage is the exact same. Having the right mortgage based on your goals along with having it cost you the least in the long run is my goal and I make sure to write the right recipe just for you.

Reach out and let us do the rest!