Rating: 5 out of 5.

As a first-time buyer, I had a ton of questions (and nerves) about the entire process. Like so many millennials, I was woefully unprepared, perhaps even naive, about the steps it took to making one of the biggest purchases of my life. I can’t imagine trusting anyone else with such a huge financial decision. His inimitable way of conducting his business is refreshing and honest. Kal’s unwavering patience is the hallmark of his work. For so long, I felt locked out of the real estate market as a single person living with my parents, and working long hours in the city. Given the mounting obstacles to home ownership, I didn’t think I’d ever qualify for a mortgage. But Kal made it happen. He will relentlessly look out for you, every step of the way. He also went to great lengths to secure the best appraisal for my condo. Moreover, my financial literacy was shaky — at best. There was never a time I couldn’t call him so he could school me on the mortgage stress test, Bank of Canada rates, or how to read a credit score. Kal empowered me to feel confident in my choices — and I know he’d do the same for anyone else.