Rating: 5 out of 5.

We won our bid to purchase our first home and the next step was to secure a mortgage. My fiancé and I were incredibly nervous. Should  we use a mortgage broker or should we just approach our bank? Will the bank even approve us? Are we going to get a good rate ? OMG what did we just get ourselves into!? Insert Kal, the Mortgage Chef. I’m told he’s an incredible chef. However,  I don’t believe it can hold a candle to his natural ability calm our first home buyers’ nerves while finding us a great lender at an unreal rate.  He got us pre-approved for our home in no time. I mean sure we’re both hard working professionals, I know what your thinking. How hard can it be to secure a mortgage for two professionals. Well, throw in a job loss right in the middle of covid, 1 month out from closing on our first home. Think about it. We lost our job a month from closing on our first house. The worst possible outcome that one is told during the house buying process actually happened to us. This is the part where Kal’s skills were ready to shine. We hit him with the news. I almost think he kind of thrives on this stuff. I’m pretty sure I heard him say  “finally a challenge “ under his breath. He went to work. I mean the professionalism was nothing I’ve seen before. I knew he was stressing getting our mortgage secured but you’d never know it. “Relax Mike, have a beer. Let me take care of this. It’s my job.” And that’s exactly what he did. He had us approved within 2 weeks, still leaving us with time to take a sigh of relief knowing we’re actually going to buy this house and finally start our lives. I gotta say, there’s a lot of brokers out there. I’m sure they do a great job, but it’s damn near impossible to find someone with good emotional intelligence, knowledge and well good salesmanship now-a-days. I don’t know how we found this guy Kal, but man are we grateful. Thanks a lot for everything Kal. I’ve already referred you a thousand times to many friends. You made it happen for us! All the best, Mike and Lavinia